Custom cabinets can be made to suit your personal preferences, style and usage habits. It makes your kitchen more beautiful, convenient, tidy and unique.

But it doesn’t mean that you can decorate it however you want. After all, there are many things involved, including building safety, plumbing, wiring, etc. So the average person still can’t say that they can decorate and customize their cabinets.

But we can add our personal touch based on some mainstream styles and under the guidance of professionals. Let’s take a look at some of those mainstream styles of custom cabinets.


If you like the minimalist style, then try the Marguerite style.

The modern, minimalist design of the Margarita defines the new style of the elite. The U-shaped space layout, structural planning and details, contrast, and unity of aesthetic planning are used to the extreme, conveying the urban elite’s sophistication and competence.

On weekends, if you want to meet up with friends, you can also have a small party with the bar to open up a little leisure world.


If you like the freedom of cooking alone, then Pandora is for you.

The Pandora style is perfect for a three-dimensional space with a strong personality, a soft, pearly white with a bright, escapist golden yellow that brings the kitchen to life.


If you are a performer and want to show off your artistic cooking in front of your friends, take a look at the Neapolitan style.

The Neapolitan style is an elegant “food” style. The fashionable and avant-garde dreamy gold color collides with the natural and flowing arcs of the lines, creating a spark of art reflected in Italian designer Ettore Tinagli. In such a delicate and elegant kitchen, cooking seems to have become an art.


If you’re someone who doesn’t like fancy, try if Campbell Blue style cabinets are for you!

The Compass Blue style is a masterpiece of practicality in kitchens. The compact structure of a one-size-fits-all layout allows for easy movement in small kitchens. Open wall cabinets and staggered combination of high and low cabinets are used to store everyday items. The international mainstream aesthetic of black, white and gray colour scheme, paired with mica lime grain superlative panels to add details and cleverly embed kitchen appliances to create a sense of style.


If you’re a fan of metal lacquered with a touch of modernity, then the Basil style is for you.

Basil style design uses high-grade automotive metal in the cabinetry products, the excellent texture of the paint material all highlight the exquisite fashion of modern cabinetry. The glossy white lacquer with original wood grain is elegant and straightforward, leading to today’s fashionable and sleek style.


If you’re someone who believes that food tastes better when cooked in nature, look no further than Cortina style cabinets.

The Cortina style, a classic and highly acclaimed, continues with a natural manner, in the silence of rocks, forests and snow. With the infusion of unimaginable “black technology” panels, each texture is imbued with a sense of life and nature.

Of course, there are many styles of cabinets; here are just a few common popular styles. Also necessary for the public kitchen, you can choose according to their preferences and actual kitchen size. Incorporate the right elements of your personality.

There is no better cabinet, just the one that suits you best.