Many of my friends are annoyed and envious of the kitchen renovations they see online, with beautiful cabinets and very tall. But their kitchen is not very big. After all, not everyone has enough financial means to have a big kitchen of their dreams. And the small kitchen compared to the big kitchen, it is more likely to become chaotic, because the place is little, more things, storage slightly, the whole kitchen will become disorganized, the feeling of oppression is more intense, making people more reluctant to use the kitchen.

It makes cooking a heartache, with no fun to speak of. This is a common problem in most small houses.

How to solve it?

Pick and customize your kitchen cabinets!

Some may ask, won't getting cabinets make the kitchen look even smaller and more oppressive when it's so small?

This is not the case; first of all, custom cabinets provide a powerful storage function, which can effectively reduce the difficulty of kitchen organization. In the case of the reasonable use of the layout, you can also greatly improve the use of space. So how to choose the cabinet?

First of all, we need to define, for us, what makes a good cabinet. Most of the criteria are style, material and practicality. Other criteria include longevity, cost-effectiveness and so on.

To put it simply, we need to find the right balance between style, material and practicality of the kitchen. For the kitchen of a small house, the proportion of practicality should be the highest, then the material and style of the cabinets.

How to make the kitchen of a small house and use it efficiently to make it a beautiful sight?

Here we recommend a solution: to make the kitchen so that the integrated design of the kitchen and sun, you can make your kitchen area quadruple.

The kitchen is crowded, the dining room and balcony are lonely, this is the real picture of many families. Don't be stuffed into the kitchen, it, appropriate in the dining room and balcony design some storage space, I believe you will soon find: a home is no longer comfortable to become clutter!

The integrated design of the kitchen can effectively integrate the kitchen space, dining room space, balcony space together, efficient use of space at home, to create a more diverse experience of the use of the kitchen.

For example, the sideboard, you can store knives, forks, chopsticks, glasses and wine, often used when eating, storage in the sideboard more convenient. The oven and microwave can also be arranged in the sideboard, which not only frees up pressure on the kitchen space but also shortens the housekeeping line, making it more convenient and energy-saving!

A high cabinet on the side of the balcony is also very appropriate; it can become your "home cleaning arsenal", greatly reducing the pressure of indoor space, maintain environmental health.

The integrated design of the kitchen and dining area unifies the style, material and texture of the furniture, making the three spaces a whole and visually more pleasing.

Are you impressed by what you see here? Hurry up and get moving and choose your custom cabinets!

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