Particle Board/Chipboards

Advantages: With E1 Grade Normal Chipboard.
With double faces melamine impregnated paper.
It is provided with the advantages such as high strength,toughness, good nail-holding power, moisture resistance, inertia to deformation, wear resistance and scoring resistance etc.
Optional thickness of 16mm / 18mm / 25mm are available.

HMR –High Moisture Resistant

Test Conclusion:
Qualified (according to the testing standard, after 2 hours’soaking, the change of thickness is in the range of 3%; after 24 hours’ soaking, the change of thickness is in the range of 8%.
HMR Test Report:

Test Conclusion:
Qualified (according to the testing standard, after 2 hours’soaking, the change of thickness is in the range of 3%; after 24 hours’ soaking, the change of thickness is in the range of 8%.

MDF –Medium-density Fiberboard

Best choice for door panel.(UV / Acrylic / Melamine / Lacquer Door)
Homogenous density,more stable, not easy to be deformation.
Optional thickness of 5mm/16mm/18mm are available.

High water-proof Plywood

Advantages: 100% water-proof. same advantage with nature panel,such as high strength, good looking of lines on the face and so on.
It is not easy to deform and warping. It can be constructed conveniently.
Optional thickness of 5mm / 16mm / 18mm are available.

Finishes of Door Panels



Advantages :
• Melamine paper overlay is a low pressure resin impregnated paper pressed on to board.
• This is the most economical &inexpensive surface finished.
• This door offers you a lower cost melamine option with a hard wearing 1mm or 1.5mm edge.
• It is suitable for vertical surfaces such as doors and carcase. It’s easy for cleaning, with good care can be use for years.
• This door style is manufactured by German Machine on MDF board which has a pattern router on surface or edge.
• PVC foil, thickness 0.5mm, is stick on one side of the door with glue, inside the machine with heat under vacuum space.
• The door can have a modern (plain face) or federation, colonial, shaker or provincial appearance
• Option with textured, wood grain, satin or high gloss finish.


Wood Veneer

• These doors are made with MDF board and sprayed with a 7 layer paint.
• The faces and edges of the door can have a router style or just plain face with pencil round edges.
• The paint finish can range in gloss levels from matt(10%) , satin (30%), semi gloss (60%) and high gloss (90%).
• The paint finish gives a very sleek modern appearance and shows no joints on the edges.
• Veneer doors are made from pre- veneered board, then cut and edged and sprayed clear polyurethane satin finish on it.
• The advantage of this door is that one gets the real timber grain feel to the door without the expense of solid timber doors.
• This door style has a modern look as against the colonial or country look of solid timber doors (a result mainly of the construction).
• We have two different finish of the wood veneer surface .one is Matt finish, another type is high gloss finish.

Solid Wood

Acrylic Door

• Solid Wood cabinets are strong, durable and lasting.
• Wood base cabinets will easily support any type of counter top material, including stone (granite, slate, marble). It holds up well under heavy use and in steam and heat. Most small dings, dents or scratches can be easily repaired.
• Solid Wood kitchen cabinets are available in a wide range of wood choices and grains. Different woods can also be finished in different ways to produce a unique patina.
Advantage: Acrylic kitchen doors are becoming a popular choice due to being more durable than standard vinyl wrapped kitchen doors (especially in comparison to the high gloss version). More and more people choosing acrylic because it is inspired by the best in European design, clean lines, and perfect symmetry. A myriad of influences from Baroque to Bauhaus, Neoclassical to Postmodern, Gothic, De Stijl and more, all in the mix and is now within reach of a wider audience thanks to retailers like ourselves.

Kitchen Counter Top

Artificial Stone

• Artificial Stone is based on MMA modified resin matrix and mineral filler by special techniques.
• Compared with other tops, it is chatacterized for high tenacity,crack / deformation resistance, intensive granular layer feeling.
• It is resistant to stain and scid & easy care.
• Seamless joint
• Thickness available: 12mm

Engineered Stone / Quartz Stone

• Engineered Stone is composed of 93% quartz particles.
• It is available in a larger range of colors than granite and has a nonporous surface that resists scratches.
• Pros: Resistant to stain and acid,more strong,easy care.
• Thickness available: 15mm / 20mm / 30mm

Nature Granite

• Engineered Stone is composed of 93% quartz particles.
• It is available in a larger range of colors than granite and has a nonporous surface that resists scratches.
• Pros: Resistant to stain and acid,more strong,easy care.
• Thickness available: 15mm / 20mm / 30mm


Soft-closing hinges

200,000 opening and closing times ( working life is 15- 20 years). l
Pedestal : 2 screw holes, easy for installation to save time, larger stress area and high quality of bearing force.
High standard of rust prevention. Salt Spray Test: Multilayer antirust processing. Acidity: 48 hours ( popular in bathroom cabinet and seaside kitchen cabinet )
Passed Europe Standard DINEN15570I Test
Soft-closing will be effective when opening angel reaches 11°. And new design is two section buffering. Opening angel can meet 110°, marketing product is only 95~100°
Damper: new high-tech industrial plastic from Germany, well working efficient in -20°C~+50°C. Spring lined up tightly, oil is not easy to leak out.
Clip-top: Easy to install, Can Save time and Reduce workers.
The newest adjusting screw, it is easy to adjust and safe, could protect the board
Rubber plug, easy to install and can install multiple times.
European screw, which has good fasten effect.

Lift up door support systems


Tandem box
Under-mounted concealed drawer
Ball bearing runner
Metal drawer

Base Cabinet Basket

360 degree lazy susan
Corner basket-flying disk
180 degree lazy susan
Pull-out basket

Pantry Basket

6 tier pull-out basket-1
Automatic pull-out basket
6 tier pull-out basket-2


Cutlery tray
Drawer divider
Sink and faucet
LED Light
Material: ABS brand,100% brand new, no deformation, no fracture, endure 60-700 high temperature.
British automatic spray-high degree of smooth surface strong scratch resistance.
Easy installation , dismantle and adjustment. lHigh safety with insurance hook(drawer box not easy to be head out by children)
Drawer rail bearing strength:30/40/50KG.the soft- close mechanism could use steadily when weight reach 20KG.
Double soft-close .Long damping travel
Opening and closing times reach 40 thousand.
Drawer still with soft closing effect when close with strong strength.

Our Advantages

What can KP bring to you?
Products KP supply to you:
ADA Cabinet: our own creative new design.
Hole Site: hinges and drawers all have pre- drill holes for installation, and this apply to all orders including sample orders.
Cam-lock, screw-assembling, wood-plug + glue, 3 different options for cabinet assemble.
Products KP supply to you:
Cabinet back panel: 3 braces with panels, and 2 straight one in front of back panels to keep panels in shape and stable; 2 braces without panels (wall cabinet).
Adjustable shelves holes: 3 lines, 2 holes of each line, 64mm top and bottom holes space.
Adjustable shelves support: Shelf panel clip, stronger weight adapting and stable for assembling package and shipping. Another one is metal shelf support.
Service KP offer to you:

✓Site measurement service
✓Professional designing & shop drawing, 3D drawing
✓ Budget solution provider
✓ Production in time follow up
✓ Color-matching on project cases
✓ Professional QC team, QC report
✓ Label, different floor, different type, different label
✓ Container loading supervisor
✓ On site installation team
✓ Visit project case after it done, make sure customers are satisfied
✓ Global successful cases, happy customer


Q: What is normal production time of orders?
A: Normally production of the product is anywhere from three weeks to 6 weeks depending on the quantity ordered the timing of the order.

Q: What’s the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
A: 1pcs

Q: Can I print our brand/logo on the product/packaging?
A: Yes, please send us your artwork, printing charge is subject to the order quantity. Some are free of charge.

Q: How can I get samples promptly?
A: For small quantity of sample order, we we’ll send samples through your courier or airfreight by freight collect, otherwise, we will send samples by sea in LCL shipment upon your request, seafreight is a lot cheaper than courier and airfreight.

Q: What is THC and ORC?
A:THC stands for Terminal Handling Charge, happens in the dispatch ports , while ORC stands for Original Receiving Charge, happens in the destination ports, both of which shall be paid by clients according to KP’s sales policy.

Q:How can I trust the quality of the merchandise?
A: KP has qualified QCs who inspects each order before shipment. The QC is conducted based on the international standard, including appearance test, material test, drop test, package test, etc.

Q: Payment terms
A: Sample order: full payment by TT in advance; Actual order: ①30% deposit by T/T in advance to confirm the order, 70% balance paid before shipment. ②pay by L/C at sight, transferable, irrevocable.

Q: How can I get C&F or CIF price?
A: Normally our quotation is based on FOB price. Pls inform your destination seaport and order quantity, we will quote you the C&F or CIF price accordingly. If you feel our freight is higher than your expectation, you can recommend your shipping company to us. Our principal is look for a good reputation shipping company, which offers competitive freight, and can delivery your cargo promptly.

Q: What’s the process to claim for damaged goods?
A: 1. We will request that you fill in our Complaint Report in details and send some photos as proofs once you find any problem.
2. We will discuss and investigate the problem before giving you a satisfactory solution.
3. If the problem is caused by our side, i.e. poor quality or functional problem, we will take the relevant responsibility. Basically we will either provide replacements in the next shipment or refund you by deducting from your next order. Otherwise, we would suggest you make a claim on the insurance. For details, please refer to Our Guarantee.